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プロデューサー / アレンジャーのSiZKによるソロプロジェクト。

デビュー・シングルでiTunes ダンス・チャート2位獲得して以降、リリースする作品はどれもiTunes チャート上位を独占。

DE DE MOUSEや中田ヤスタカ、Taku Takahashi、RAM RIDER といったビッグ・ネームと次々共演を果たし、ageha やROCK IN JAPAN FES といった大舞台にも立つなど、クラブ・ミュージックの枠にとらわれない活動を通じ、その音楽性も次第に変化。

異例の1万枚を超えるセールスを記録した、「Schrodinger's Scale」以降は、ボンジュール鈴木、daoko、fox capture plan、H ZETT M、re:plus、Schroedr-Headzなど、様々なアーティスト達とコラボレーション。

Akiyoshi Yasuda名義では、映画/アニメーションの劇伴も手掛けるなど、音楽家として確固たる地位を築いている。

A solo project by producer/arranger SiZK.

Since his debut single debuted at #2 on the iTunes Dance Chart, all of his releases have dominated the top iTunes charts.

SiZK has performed with big names such as DE DE MOUSE, Yasutaka Nakata, Taku Takahashi, and RAM RIDER, and has performed at ageha and ROCK IN JAPAN FES, and his musical style has gradually changed through his activities beyond the boundaries of club music. The first time the band performed in the U.S., it was in the U.S.

After "Schrodinger's Scale," which sold an unprecedented 10,000 copies, he collaborated with various artists such as Bonjour Suzuki, daoko, fox capture plan, H ZETT M, re:plus, and Schroedr-Headz.

Under the name of Akiyoshi Yasuda, he has also worked as a musical accompanist for movies and animations, and has established a solid position as a musician.

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